My name is Elina and I am the one who is behind Indigo Eyes. We are a small cattery located in Gävle, Sweden. Gävle is a middle size town (in Swedish measurement) that is located 1,5 hour above our capital Stockholm. 


In 2010 my first bengal got into my life. I was just gonna borrow a cat from my friend Diana at Leopartners so my dog could get used to cats. We both fell in love instantly with him, so me and Diana decided that I was gonna be a fosterhome for one of her girls, Vanilla. From the moment we decided this I studied everything I could about breeding. I took Pawpeds Courses G1 and G2 and assisted every birth Leopartners had. 

Vanilla had her litters at my place and I loved every moment of it! From her litter I bought my first breeding girl Leopartners Sharon Little. In 2013 I got my name registred and it all started...






In 2014 I met my boyfriend and got him involved in the cats as well. 2016 we started our plan to build our dream house (ofcourse we planned a big appartment for our studs in the garage). 1,5 year later we moved in. We are still working on perfecting some of the things on the house, like the garden and our huge catrun, but we are very satisfied with everything so far. 


Our top priority with our breeding is and has always been to breed healthy and well socialized kittens.

We test all of our newcomers against parasites, FIV/FELV, PRA-B. PF-def and bloodgroup test (since bloodgroup B is getting bigger in the breed). And HCM test our breeding cats regurlarly. 

We have since the beginning focused mainly on the snow colours and dream of breeding wild looking, small, snow leopards. Although we love every colour that bengals come in and have cats in other colours than snow as well. 






Gävle, Sweden

Email: elina@indigoeyes.se 

Instagram DM us: indigo_eyes_bengals




A small bengal cattery located in Gävle, Sweden, focusing on snow colour,  well socialized and healthy quality bengals.

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