Here you will find information about what to expect when purchasing a kitten from us

Our kittens are priced individually, our pet prices starts at 16,000 SEK.

If you want to reserve a kitten a reservation fee of 3,000 SEK will be paid and the kitten is reserved for you. The reservation fee is non-refundable if you change your mind.

If the health check would show that there is something wrong with the kitten and you don't want the kitten, the reservation fee will be paid back and we will do what we can to help you get another kitten. 


If you are interested in a breeding kitten this should be stated with the initial  contact. The kittens sold as pets are neautered before leaving for their new home.


On our kitten page next to the name of each kitten you can see if they are under evaluation, stays in the cattery, available, reserved or sold.  


  • UNDER EVALUATION the kitten is under the evaluation if it should stay in our cattery or be sold as pet, usually all of our kittens are under evaluation until 5-6 weeks of age
  • STAYS the kitten will stay in our cattery
  • AVAILABLE the kitten is free to book 
  • RESERVED the kitten is reserved for someone who has paid a reservetion fee. 
  • SOLD the kitten has been sold and moved to his/her forever home

When you buy a kitten from Indigo Eyes you can expect to get a kitten that is:.


  • A minimum of 12 weeks old
  • Well socialized
  • Registred in SVERAK with a pedigree
  • Fully vaccinated
  • Microchipped
  • Health checked by a licensed vetrenarian
  • Neautered if sold as pet
  • Insured for hidden faults in Agria 
  • Individual insured in Agria with an insurence that can be taken over by the new owner


You also get a kitten package with food that the kitten is used to, a blanket that smells like mom, toys and more. 


Use this form, or e-mail us directyly at elina@indigoeyes.se if you want to come in contact with us regarding a kitten or cat. You can also send a direct message to our Instagram indigo_eyes_bengals if you want the fastest reply.



All of our cats and kittens are registred in SVERAK and have a pedigree which comes with the cat the day you collect your new family member.


A licensed veternairian always checks the kittens before they move. If the check would show that there is something wrong with the kitten the reservation fee will be paid back. 


All of our cats and kittens has individual insurances at Agria, if you are adopting a cat or kitten, you can always take over the insurance.



Gävle, Sweden

Email: elina@indigoeyes.se 

Instagram DM us: indigo_eyes_bengals




A small bengal cattery located in Gävle, Sweden, focusing on snow colour,  well socialized and healthy quality bengals.

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